TikTok definitely wants to take to YouTube with a new feature that will allow you to view videos horizontally from within the app, thus providing another additional format for vertical clips. As noted TechCrunchplatform developed by ByteDance starts rolling out new button that allows users to rotate a clip to display it in landscape orientation if they wish.

TikTok videos will be displayed in a vertical format by default; even if they are written horizontally. This way TikTok will apply black top and bottom borders which the user can remove with a button that will be displayed at the bottom of the video called “Full Screen”..

This one, in particular, rotates the video so that it takes up the full width of the screen. To see it, the user will only need to turn his device. Also, no matter if the screen rotation action is locked or unlocked on iOS or Android.

TikTok, yes, will not remove the elements we see in vertical videos. These include buttons to save or share the video, a like counter, or the profile picture of the user who saw the clip. The application, however, will show a panel to control playback and rewind the video forward or backward if needed.

TikTok is becoming more and more like YouTube

The truth is that the ability to view videos in a landscape format is not the only feature that TikTok has begun to implement in its app to compete with YouTube. In fact, the ByteDance platform has been including features for months now that show they want to be a clear alternative to Google’s service. Tiktok, for example, allows you to record and publish videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes.

YouTube, for its part, has also mimicked some of TikTok’s core features to work with the short video platform. This was done in particular with Shorts, a feature that also allows you to upload clips that are a few seconds long in a vertical format with music, filters, or widgets that creators can turn on after recording the video. Google’s platform has also begun to include additional features so that users can generate income through their shorts in a similar way to how they did with traditional YouTube videos.

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