Sber has started selling a new generation of smart TVs, Sber Line S, the company said in a statement. In total, the new line includes more than 30 models with screen diagonals from 32 to 75 inches, resolutions from HD to UHD and different types of matrices. Flagship models are equipped with miniLED screens and the Salyut TV operating system.

Sber has started selling a new generation of smart TVs with miniLED screens


The flagship of the line is a 65-inch TV with miniLED technology with 512 backlight zones. SberDevices, a partner of Sber, is responsible for the development of smart devices.

For the flagship Sber miniLED model, MEMC technology was used (allows maximum smoothness of movement and no blurring during dynamic scenes). The speakers have also been improved on all models.

For the Sber Line S line, the RAM has increased: for premium models – up to 2 GB, for budget models – up to 1.5 GB. Dual-band Wi-Fi is now available even on lower-end models.

Sber smart TVs run the Russian Salyut TV operating system. In the latest update of Salyut TV, descriptions of movies and TV series generated by GigaChat appeared.

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Prices for televisions from the Sber Line S line start at 13,490 rubles. The flagship model Sber miniLED comes with a 65-inch display at a price of 149,990 rubles.

Some Sber Line S models can be purchased in the official SberDevices online store. Sales in the markets will begin on April 17.


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Source: RB

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