While it has always been thought that Facebook was also caught off guard by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it appears that the company already had serious misgivings about the consulting company’s activities before all of this was revealed. At least that’s what they say from CNN echoing a 2019 statement made by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to the publication, Mark Zuckerberg considered disclosing in 2017 that Facebook (now Meta) was investigating “entities like Cambridge Analytica” along with alleged Russian intelligence interference as part of a security assessment ahead of the recently ended Election Day. But he didn’t.

A transcript of the statement suggests that as early as 2017, Zuckerberg considered Cambridge Analytica as a possible problem at the same level of interference in the elections of foreign powers of Russia. However, Meta’s CEO denied knowing anything about the massive Cambridge Analytica data breach. There are other interesting questions in the same statement.

Everything points to Facebook knowing about Cambridge Analytica since 2015.

Among them is how one Facebook employee had the opportunity to inform Zuckerberg about this leak in 2015, but chose not to do so. all this before the scandal began to hit the press in 2018. The statement was made public by an organization called The real Facebook Supervisory Boardwhich indicates that Facebook knew about it but did nothing:

“This transcript [de la declaración] shows that something changed between January 2017 and September 2017, and Zuckerberg began to view Cambridge Analytica as a threat commensurate with Russian intelligence.” “But for reasons the Facebook CEO has yet to reveal, the world won’t know about Cambridge Analytica until March 2018.”

Zamaan Qureshi, political adviser The real Facebook Supervisory Boardto.

Whatever it was, the case seems to be completely closed. Regarding the SEC, the organization within which the statement was made, Facebook closed the agreement in 2019. for $100 million, ending US government allegations.who accused Facebook of misleading investors for years after the data breach was first discovered.

As for Cambridge Analytica, the data breach sparked a worldwide scandal that led to Zuckerberg’s outright apology and Facebook’s $5 billion privacy settlement with the U.S. government, which many point out also hastened the company’s name change.

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