Bertone, a car parts manufacturer with a history of more than a hundred years, was one of the oldest Italian companies that was involved in the development of innovative car casings. After the bankruptcy in 2014-2014 and for the first time in a new age, the brand owners decided to revive Ing. And for the presentation of the application of the use of a hypercar that is not in the atmosphere.


Contrary to expectations, the GB110 model does not require an engine, but an upgraded internal combustion engine. Its feature is that it runs on synthetic fuel from Select Fuel, which is made from floating raw materials. The technology is still experimental, but promising – it allows you to process a lot of resources and at the same time increase the amount of gasoline, which means oil.


However, it is not entirely clear how Bertone is investigating the supply of fuel to its waiting customers. However, it is suitable for almost all internal combustion engines, and vice versa is also true – a hypercar can also drive on nan obins. True, the new age and the hell have not been made public at the moment. No characteristics of the new motorbike. This is a range from 100 km / h to 2.8 with the same speed of 380 km / h. About the cost of the hypercar and the beginning of its release data yet network.

Source: Tech Cult

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