The frogs Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni, which are called “glass frogs”, live in the American tropics. They are active at night, and during the day they hide from predators on the chasing side of plants. This type of frog is very unusual in that it causes a change in the tissues of its body. Because of this, their bones and internal organs can be seen during the day.

Scientists from Duke University and the American Museum of Natural History decided to solve the mystery of hyalinoism activity. They used a photoacoustic imaging method that suggests any harm to this amphibian. Researchers have identified the closure of red blood cells in the focus of the frog. Frogs have been shown to move about 90% of their red blood cells to the liver when they go into daytime sleep. Due to this, their skin and muscles become transparent by 2-3 times.

Another interesting detail is that the egg liver is covered with an external mirror-like reflective membrane that will make you sleepy. It is interesting that a similar overload of red blood cells in January in vertebrates can cause a spontaneous appearance. According to experts, it could be a stepping stone to the development of drugs for blood clots.

glass frogs

Source: Tech Cult

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