DTT channels It will be available again on iOS and Android very soon after being pulled from the aforementioned app stores due to a complaint from the National Professional Football League. Marc Vila, developer of the platform, has confirmed that the app will be operational again in January 2023 and will return with all the benefits that have been included since 2018, the start date of the project. Now it’s quite likely that among so many streaming services you have forgotten or don’t even know what it is that it allows you to see how it works or how to download DTT channels. We explain it to you.

The platform, called TDT Channels, was born in January 2018 in the form of a collaborative network developed by Marc Vila, a Catalan software engineer. The goal, as Vila himself explains on his website, is:offer the public the opportunity to watch television on the Internet, as many channels as possible, free of charge and always legally“. Eventually; It is used to view DTT from a mobile phone or computer. Users only need to access the Internet or download the Android APK, select the channel they want to watch and play the content.

DTT channels, on the other hand, available via APK download in over 100 countries. Of course, most channels, both television and radio, are national and regional. However, some international channels can also be watched for free. The platform also works as a distributor of TV channels. Namely, it is a kind of intermediary; does not broadcast any content, but provides links for easier search and user access. In fact, everyone can contribute by adding links to channels that are openly broadcast on the Internet. Just enable the link via GitHub and wait for Vila to approve it himself.

What happened to the TDT channels?

However, in recent years, the ability to download DTT channels has been very limited. due to a complaint filed by the National Professional Football League (La Liga). This allowed the app to be removed from the Google Play Store and therefore eliminated the ability to view DTT via Android. Later, as Vila explains in a statement, La Liga also managed to shut down the group and the TDT Channels Telegram channel. It continued to circulate links to channels that air online, “claiming a DMCA violation”.

The TDT channels, for their part, have always emphasized that their platform does not broadcast content per se. AT Instead, he broadcasts it through the official media, which prevents them from infringing copyright.

This project does not store the stream, only links provided by the same broadcast distributor officially, through their own website or public service. In addition, no type of public or private signal is ever broadcast and will not be broadcast, transmitted or streamed from its servers.

Mark Vila states on his GitHub profile.

Sticking with this reason, the app became available again in October 2022. However, it was only available through the web version (available on PC) and Android, but by downloading the APK through portals like APK Mirror and not from Google Play; more complex and less secure process. However, it went on hiatus throughout November, hinting at a definitive end.

The pause was not really some sort of transition to his final death. Instead, he served “consider the next steps that would ensure the continuity of the platform with the greatest possible guarantees”Villa explains. The TDT Channels team has been working and receiving legal advice to make the platform available again, and we reiterate that it will be available in January 2023.

When will it be available again?

DTT channels

Starting January 6, 2023, it will be possible to download DTT channels on the App Store and Google Play. Of course, on Android, this can also be done by downloading the APK via the platform’s website. On the same day, a desktop version will be available – via the website – and an app available for both Android TV and Apple TV. TDT channels, on the other hand, will close their Telegram channel, where users could chat with developers, contribute, or stay up to date with news related to the platform. Instead, the team will open a new Discord server where users can receive technical support and communicate with the platform team, such as offering suggestions or alerting them to bugs or inconveniences.

In addition, DTT channels, unlike other streaming platforms, it’s completely free. There is no subscription type or premium pay channels.

To use it, all you have to do is download DTT Channels from the respective app store (or via APK, via APK Mirror or other similar portal) and explore the list of available TV and radio channels. Each of them will have a button that will redirect to a transmission website that is legally available to view the content. – for example, the official website 1, the Grupo AtresMedia platform or radio channel broadcasting sites. You can also view programs or access regional channels, whether you are part of that community or municipality.

On the other hand, the application allows you to add channels to your favorites for quick access to them from a specific tab. You can also use various search filters to find channels available in a particular region. Or remove from the general preview those that do not interest us.

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