overcome Googleworld’s first search engine, Microsoft It has an innovative plan. The American giant will soon merge artificial intelligence ChatGPT from turn on AI with bingrival search engine Google.

Microsoft is developing new algorithms for Bing. According to two unidentified people contacted by The Information, this version of the search engine will use ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence system that can respond to queries naturally and seamlessly.

Developed by OpenAI, the chatbot has made a lot of noise in the press in recent months. It offers comprehensive and precise solutions to most questions with near-perfect efficiency. Web-surfing users should take advantage of ChatGPT’s integration with Bing when searching online.

An ideal combination of search engine and assistant

In this way, the search engine can perfectly respond to the Internet user. Instead of displaying a list of links, can also be a helper or mentor. Undoubtedly, the user will be able to communicate with Bing. As ChatGPT shows, AI can use data already available online to answer queries. No matter how precise or vague.

Microsoft will radically replace its search engine with artificial intelligence

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The Bing interface should make it easy for ChatGPT to get the latest data. Chatbot will be included in the engine as an optional feature. Microsoft does not plan to change the way Bing works. According to information leaked to the media, Microsoft plans to release this updated version of Bing enhanced with artificial intelligence. This will happen from the end of March 2023.

Investment has been expensive but has expectations

The Redmond company works to maximize the return on your investment. Actually, Microsoft gave OpenAI a billion dollars in 2019. The company’s contribution was aimed at accelerating the development of an Artificial General Intelligence. One that is designed to work similarly to the human brain. OpenAI was able to use information provided by Microsoft’s cloud servers to train this computer program.

One year later, Microsoft just got a license to use GPT-3. GPT-3 is the language processing engine that powers ChatGPT. The company, created by Bill Gates, provided this license, facilitating access to GPT-3 via the cloud platform Azure. Microsoft wanted to inspire software designers to create AI-based solutions.

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