The prices of iodine and hygiene products are rising, going to the movies has become 23% more expensive, Telegram foresees possible difficulties in processing bank payments and RB keeps abreast of news from Russia and the world that are relevant to the entrepreneurs.

Price growth statistics, profitable destinations for freelancers, Telegram news: the main thing for business January 21

  • The G7 countries, the EU and Australia intend to introduce two maximum prices for Russian oil products: for products with a premium on oil and for discounted products.
  • According to Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR), investment in emerging market businesses nearly quadrupled last week compared to the previous week to $12.7 billion.
  • Roskomnadzor recognized Telegram as a foreign messenger, which jeopardizes the operation of bank cards with the application of March 1 of this year (“Kommersant”).
  • The average check for a trip to the cinema in the Russian Federation increased by 23% in December-January from 784 rubles to 966 rubles per ticket + snack and drink combo (data from a Russian Standard Bank study).
  • Rosstat shared the statistics of the most expensive products (iodine comes first, followed by matches, soap, towels, car, deodorant, margarine, shampoo, toothpaste). Of the 420 products studied, only the vegetables in the “borscht set” fell in price.
  • The former general director of the Khrunichev Center, Andrey Kalinovsky, has been included in the international list of wanted persons on suspicion of embezzlement of about 400 million rubles in the execution of contracts for the supply of cutting tools for a company of the Roskosmos group (Kommersant ).
  • Pavel Zyukov, co-founder of the Yazanyat platform for freelancers and a member of Opora Rossii, calculated that it is more profitable for freelancers to work in the construction industry (the average salary has grown by 17%). in vehicle maintenance (in the context of the spare parts crisis and the work of official services), and also in commerce, design and health.
  • New stores on the site of the former Zara and Massimo Dutti of the Inditex group (following the sale of its Iranian company Daher Group) may open in Russia in the spring.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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