The press service of Russia “Rostec” published a video that grows footage conducted by a promising test of a drone called BAS-200, designed for a “helicopter” UAV for universal purposes.

Here it should be noted that the BAS-200 is the first visit to Russia of an autonomous vehicle of the type with a type certificate approved by the Federal Air Transport Agency at the end of last year.

The drone is designed to solve a wide range of tasks – it can deliver various cargoes, operate within the framework of the forest protection service, agricultural enterprises, during geological exploration, and also perform other tasks, including search and rescue.

the maximum speed of the UAV type BAS-200 is reduced to 160 km/h, the carrying capacity is limited to 50 kg, the maximum height is set at 3500 meters, and it can move about 4 hours.

Source: Tech Cult

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