TikTok has confirmed that some employees can feature videos from the platform. according to forbes, The app aims to “promote celebs and emerging creators to the community”.

The article in the North American publication highlights the use of “Heating” to select the content of the For You tab. This helps increase views parallel to the material selected by the algorithm.

The social network says that internally redirected content is expanding its video variety.

TikTok spokesperson Jamie Favazza explains it Heating helps promote “content diversity”. Therefore, the choice of collaborators prevents publications from being taken over by the most popular trends of the moment.

Representative talks about “Only 0.002%” of videos in the For You stream are selected by employees. However, internal reports obtained by the institution forbes Indicates that “hot content” accounts for up to 2% of total daily video views.

Besides, TikTok-supported materials do not carry any private labels, as in sponsored posts. This way the contents appear as any post selected by the social networking algorithm.

TikTok creators may lose interest in the network due to a lack of transparency.

Reduced organic reach

The Forbes article fuels the rumors that have been circulating for several years. In that case, TikTok would have promised to use empowered content to persuade politicians and music companies to adopt the platform to promote brands.

This also shows that social networking may be reducing organic reach by choosing “winners and losers”. According to the publication, there have been reports of “accidents” where employees featured videos of their friends, partners, and even their personal profiles.

In the long run, the lack of transparency of augmented content may cause creators to lose interest in TikTok. After all, using Heating makes it hard to measure which videos organically go viral.

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