The Rede Record reporter in São Paulo was nearly robbed this morning (23), minutes before going live. The footage was broadcast on the Balanço Geral SP program and went viral on the internet.

The “almost victim” was journalist Marcos Guimarães. Capital Paulista was playing on her cell phone downtown and preparing to speak on the show. At the bottom of the picture you can see a cyclist in a red shirt approaching.

As he got closer, the man tried to get the cell phone from Guimarães, who managed to grab the device. “My friend and I were victims of a live robbery attempt! SP aired on Twitter, not for amateurs. Watch the video of the robbery attempt below.

Despite the tense scene, many joked about the situation, mainly emphasizing Guimarães’ agility in holding and protecting the smartphone. The reporter had turned around and had not even seen the thug approaching.

The journalist himself made fun of the situation. “For very little, I’m not making this tweet from Galaxy Pocket,” he wrote.

almost theft

Source: Tec Mundo

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