Recently, youtuber Felipe Neto started broadcasting. A series of advertising content from the Blaze online casino on his Instagram profile (She has 17 million followers). The initiative has received a number of criticisms from its followers, with some complaining of the risk of gambling addiction for families and others recalling that the Brazilian decentralized bookmaker has been the target of numerous complaints over consumer harm.

“In addition to having a platform where there are countless ways to earn extra income with games like Crash, Double and Mines on Blaze. You can also place your sports bets.”, the influencer declared in a post.

In addition to the posts, Felipe created a series of stories on Instagram where he openly promoted Blaze and explained to his followers how to use a sports betting link to bet on their favorite teams. Youtuber said on Wednesday (25) that Bet on Botafogo, a club also sponsored by the online casino.

What do Felipe Neto’s followers say?

As with most of Felipe Neto’s posts, the content tends to incite virtual mayhem. In the case of Blaze, there were many comments condemning the betting app itself. “Do you know how many families this gambling thing has destroyed? Do you have to make money by promoting something that’s ruining other people’s lives?” said one commentator.

But other followers explore the ethics of advertising by remembering Blaze’s possible scams. in a report published by Bitcoin portal, several gamblers complained that when they tried to play at the casino, they saw their deposit money gone. The company chat response usually goes like this: The account made another bet and lost.

THEM Bitcoin portal He contacted Felipe Neto’s and Blaze’s advisers to seek advice on the matter, but received no response until yesterday’s report was published (26).

Source: Tec Mundo

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