The Union of Speakers appealed to the deputies with a request to introduce the regulation of speech synthesis by artificial intelligence. They argue that as technology advances, cases of vote theft have become more frequent. The union sent a letter describing the problem to the head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Alexander Khinshtein, Kommersant reports.

The broadcasters asked the State Duma to introduce control over speech synthesis technologies.

The authors of the resource fear that because of the programs that copy the voice, the announcers will be left without work. The rapid development of technology means that it will be cheaper to synthesize speech from an existing recording than to invite a separate speaker. To avoid such a development of events, the announcers request licenses for the use of certain voices.

“There are no rules, there is no practice, there is no understanding of how to write a claim. Clients refer to the contract, which contains clauses on the alienation of rights, the right to treatment and the right to transfer to third parties”, says the resource.

The letter proposes to prohibit the alienation of performers’ rights and move to license agreements similar to those that protect trademarks. Union members are also calling for a rule that a synthesized voice recording can only be used on a specific project.

As Yury Fedyukin, managing partner at Enterprise Legal Solutions, explained to the publication, it is impossible to protect an individual vote under current laws. If the copy is made without criminal intent, no responsibility is assumed for the use of the recording, says the expert. In addition, if the legislation in this matter is corrected, the phonograms will be processed in other countries.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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