Spiderman: No Way Homein addition to deepening into the phenomenon of the Multiverse, marked the return Tobey Maguire D Andrew Garfield to your spidery papers. Both also accompanied Tom Holland in his confrontation with various enemies. The fact, no doubt, will remain in the memory of millions of superhero fans. However, after the premiere of said feature film, the big question arose: will we see the two actors as Spider-Man again?

Although Marvel Studios hasn’t officially ruled on their claims regarding Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, they have raised their hands to don the spider suit again. Garfield made it a few weeks after the premiere. Spiderman: No Way Homeand now it’s Maguire who, after so many years of resistance, is now it’s clear he wants to come back.

In an interview with Marvel herself, Tobey Maguire kept no wishes. He not only told how pleasant it was to work in Spiderman: No Way Home; He also assured that he closely follows the productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If he gets another chance to participate in it, he will not hesitate:

I love these films and different series. If they [Marvel] call me and say, “Could you come over tonight to hang out and get naughty?” or “Would you come here to film this movie, do a scene, or do something about Spider-Man?” I would say yes! Why don’t you want to?

Without a doubt, these are the words that make up a significant part of fandom I have long wanted to hear. To be honest, most agree that it would be a waste to introduce Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and then not use them in future films. In fact, they recently launched a campaign for Sony Pictures to make ‌The Amazing Spider-Man 3 with Garfield.

Tobey Maguire always wanted to be Spider-Man again

Marvel Studios

While there were initial doubts about Tobey Maguire’s return as he apparently wanted to stay away from the world of superheroes, in the same interview he buried those rumors. When asked how he felt when he received the first call from Marvel to clarify his return, he replied:

“I said: “Finally!” They called me and I was ready to do it right away. Of course, there were nerves.

Tobey Maguire admits he was touched by the fact that he shared the screen with two other Spider-Men.

And what does Andrew Garfield say about all this? Well, he also said early last year that he was interested in resuming his role. “Yes, I’m definitely open to it if that seems right.. I would like to continue working with Toby and with Tom. I think that such a dynamic between the three brothers is very capacious. Honestly, I just want to say that I am very happy, satisfied and grateful to be a part of this. It’s hard to wish for more right now. I really try to enjoy the moment with the fans and the public. Just say thank you. I’m very flattered and grateful for the response.”

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield get another chance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A few weeks ago, a MyTimeToShineHello insider assured that director Kevin Page contemplate the appearance of Maguire and Hugh Jackman (The Wolverine) in Avengers: Secret Warswhich is scheduled to premiere on May 1, 2026. You have to be patient and wait to see if it materializes.

Source: Hiper Textual

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