VK Education has published free lectures, master classes and intensives on music, design, multimedia art, clip making and sketching, VK said. Participants of the Prostor platform received access to the educational program in creative specialties.

VK has opened free access to lectures and master classes on design and media art.

The content of the platform in five directions will be freely available to everyone. The duration of each didactic track will be 40 hours.

  • In the sketch writing intensive, participants will learn the basics of scriptwriting, how to build a story and how to work with humorous material, learn how to design their scripts to present to their clients.
  • After completing the course, listeners of the dedicated music course will be able to apply music theory in practice, write lyrics, interact with producers and artists, and create high-quality tracks even in the home studio.
  • The music video program will teach you how to work with lighting and camera equipment, create high-quality treatments, build a frame, and produce great projects.
  • In the intensive course for designers, they will teach you to work with different programs, compile moodboards, build communication through design and form an author’s style.
  • The multimedia art program is designed for artists who want to create conceptual works, understand contemporary art, and start creating in new genres, as well as promote a personal brand.


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Source: RB

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