Probably, everyone can remember an anecdote or a joke, where the illegible handwriting of a rough shellfish appears. All these stories, unfortunately, are based on random cases from life when, when receiving a prescription written by a doctor, people simply cannot make out what is written in it. Some themselves can check that prescriptions and other records of doctors are very difficult to read.

But there are no hopeless situations. It is enough to go to the nearest pharmacy and show the prescription to the pharmacist, who will immediately “decipher” the text. Statistics have established that the owners of the most difficult to understand handwriting are therapists and surgeons. And sometimes a written and expected appeal to cryptography – even pharmacists are unable to parse the written appeals of doctors.

The problem is clearly international. So, in 2018, the Italian Ministry of Health preferred the region among health workers to choose work aimed at improving the quality of checking doctors. It remains only to wonder why doctors write, “like a chicken paw.” It’s professionally certified, did I have the chemical?

Doctor's handwriting

Lack of time

The illegible handwriting of doctors is a recognized fact. Some write in too large letters, and they merge, others, on the contrary, write in too small handwriting and the text turns into a kind of cardiogram. This phenomenon is unobtrusive. The first reason is that there simply isn’t enough time for doctors to accurately spell each letter.

The habit of “writing fast and bad” was formed in their student years. The huge amount of educational material that needs to be outlined motivates precisely to illegible blackening. When yesterday’s students start working, there is even less time. During the working day, they must accept up to 50 patients who need to be looked at.

Then it is necessary to make a diagnosis and give written recommendations. All this needs to be done in 15-20 minutes in order to meet the retention standards. So it’s supposed that the doctor simply doesn’t have an extra minute for t to..

Emotional burnout in a rage

The work of a doctor seems simple only at the very first glance. In fact, the doctor makes difficult decisions every day. Doctors are trusted, because they give hope, and they must meet the expectations of patients. Sometimes they have to sacrifice their time to get the test results.

Doctor's handwriting

But doctors are smart, just like you and me, and over time, the accumulated fatigue develops into emotional exhaustion. It is negative to detect their condition and give people bad news about their health in advance. All this makes doctors abstract from patients. Bad handwriting can be set up as imaginative burnout in medical workers.

Services for Handwriting Sources

In fact, there are plenty of services that can recognize handwritten text on the Internet. Of these, it is difficult to recommend some application that will work better than others. Most likely, you need to try several times to determine the service. No programs coming soon. Links to them appear after the direction “request how to recognize the online search for a doctor.”

Doctor's handwriting

One of the most important aspects is Google Lens. You can take pictures with your mobile phone camera. You need to select the text on it and present it in a text editor. The application works, but not always correctly. Sometimes it is written too complicated for programs and not officially expected.

And bvalno recently “Corporation of Good” announced that a new application is ready, specially designed d d d It uses new algorithms for storing folders. It is assumed that, from the photo, you can get a list of drugs that can be prescribed in the prescription. The service is under development, the release date has not been announced. And there is no guarantee that this application will work the way we want. It is also unknown if it will be localized for Russia.

The best way to understand what is written in the recipe

From what has been outlined above, it can be understood that services that are able to clearly and without errors p. The best consequence of the problem may be to seek help from doctors or pharmacists. They provide text on characteristic terms, expressions, commonly used restrictions.

Doctor's handwriting

healthcare workers have a lot of experience in interaction with r s s s s s s s In general, you need to pay attention to what is written in the prescriptions. There have been cases where the dosage of the drug has never been required. Firstly, earlier “4.0” was taken for “40”, which can be extremely dangerous for the patient’s life.

It is necessary to carefully check and double-check what is written, and only at the beginning to begin a course of treatment. It is supposed to make sense to give a prescription to a couple of pharmacies to transcribe the prescription in order to be sure that the doctor’s recommendations are correct and beyond doubt.

The solution is in the future!

To the arrival of the parish that in our day there is no universal case, refers illegible. All online services are too unreliable to trust your health, and the importance of consultation is specific.

But in the future such a solution may appear. According to the doctors themselves, the problem will disappear by itself if you start installing electronic prescriptions and all medical records, as well as keeping video in electronic devices.

In the capital of countries such as the United States of America and Canada, the approach is already actively accumulating and accumulating. In Russia, there has also been a transition to an electronic form documentation.

Source: Tech Cult

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