The Hidden and Unknown game has been released on Steam for $1999. What’s more interesting is that it’s not worth it, it’s a friendly pp. The developers of the game themselves don’t believe that someone will buy it on such terms – moreover, they recommend pillboxes to the council.

The game’s plot is built on “expanding the scope in the field of psychology and philosophy.” The game begins with an 8-minute monologue about how the male population of Western countries demonstrates the presence of testosterone, which deprives them of a dominant position in society. Women, on the contrary, have to deal with all the more masculine, but this does not solve the main problem – the imbalance of the male and female principles of representation to infertility and the extinction of people as a species. Are you going to be in this situation?

As the developers of the game explained, it meant that oi wanted to write books about s s s s s s s s s Basically, they don’t make as many products as they make up fractions of their lives. And to give life for a penny is somehow insulting, hence such an amazingly high price tag. The plot of the game lasts less than 2 hours, so after the purchase they go to the game without refusing to return their money according to the rules of Steam.

Game Hidden and Unknown

Source: Tech Cult

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