It is well known that many blood-sucking insects are carriers of dangerous infectious diseases. Unfortunately, almost all products have one common drawback – a short duration of action, and some of them also have an unpleasant odor.

Researchers from the Italian Universities of Florence and Pisa have undertaken promising work. And the share of several compounds (so-called washable cyclic hydroxyacetate), which are also tested in Eve.

During the experiment, their action was compared with the active ingredient DEET, developed back in the 40s, blocking the sense of smell of blood-sucking insects, but only for two hours. In comparison, new diseases prevent more than 95% of bites within about 10 hours.

Other advantages include their weaker and even in some cases unpleasant odor, particular toxicity and a high probability of provoking immune diseases. reaction.

Source: Tech Cult

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