Indian companies claim the clothing market of the Russian Federation, prices for laptops in Russia have fallen by 15-30%, Adobe products can be downloaded in Russia and other events on January 31, in the summary of RB.RU.

Micro-investing in 2023, Indian clothing brands: the essentials January 31


  • The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation proposed to dismiss the bosses due to a conflict of interest of the employees. The administrator shall take measures to prevent or resolve the conflict situation.


  • Renaissance Credit Bank analyst Roman Chechushkov told RB.RU where to invest 5, 10 and 15 thousand rubles in 2023.


  • Applicants from India appeared on the Russian clothing market. A large exporter and manufacturer Northern India Trends (NITC) is already setting up an office in Moscow.
  • Asset redistribution is activated in Russian leasing. According to Kommersant, the main national players are interested in buying companies with foreign capital, such as John Deere Financial, Deutsche Leasing Vostok and Scania Leasing.
  • Laptop prices in Russia have fallen by 15-30% since last year’s drop, the reason being overstocks on the market, Izvestia in the industry was told.
  • Rosatom Structures is showing interest in buying a domestic server and data storage system maker Kraftway, Kommersant learned.


  • Russian game developers fear losing access to foreign audio stocks. Now they mainly use foreign Pond5 and Artlist, and there are few such sites in Russia.
  • Adobe products, including Photoshop and Premier, can be downloaded again in Russia, write IZ. It is still impossible to buy a license, and only companies can renew the current one.


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