MTS has launched a service for creating your own applications for communicating with customers. The service is cloud-based and operates on the basis of the MTT solution, a subsidiary of MTS. The target audience of MTS Exolve are companies, developers and integrators.

Companies will be able to create their own applications to communicate with customers through the new MTS platform

The MTS press service spoke about the release of MTS Exolve.

Cloudy Service will allow companies to create their own applications to communicate with customers. These can be, for example, solutions for call monitoring, number protection, voice synthesis. Integration of the applications into IT systems will be “seamless,” MTS reported.

The creators of MTS Exolve consider companies, developers and integrators to be the target audience of the service. The full launch of the platform is planned for January, its commercial use should take place in the first quarter of 2023.

MTS intends to make MTS Exolve an analogue of the American Twilio. In this service, companies can create various applications to communicate with customers, such as instant messaging and video chats.

In November 2022, MTS applied to Rospatent for an application for registration of the MTS Exolve trademark.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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