Chemists from Russia working in certain research institutes and centers (IBHF, Moscow State University, GEOKHI, NIAU and others), together with their Brazilian colleagues (University of São Paulo), announced a new fluorescent marker, which is widely used in medicine. The promising novelty has already been supported by the Ministry of Education and Science and has published a thematic publication Dyes and Pigments.

The proposed natural dye within 10 minutes found a “sick” cell in the detected cell, stained the mitochondria, after which, after a while, it entered the nucleus and visualized the tumor. At the same time, it is non-toxic and does not affect the state of healthy cells in any way.

Necessary cell markers show features characteristic of growth – cancer cells show a higher level in “rate” resulting in an increased increase in cases, including albumin.

Russia has a new marker

The new dye, bound to already identified albumin, in the near future in “diseased” cells due to this increased consumption, after which, thanks to its properties, “highlights” cancer cells that are detected and clearly distinguishable on the computer. As specified, the complex of this dye and albumin shows a 10-fold increase in brightness.

In addition, the new marker, in contrast to the currently actively used MCG, does not require a regional infrared system that excites and registers fluorescent light. signaled.

Source: Tech Cult

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