One of the things all manufacturers want is to be different, regardless of why this was achieved (always positive of course). the point is Xiaomi The launch of the second wave of high-end smartphones for 2022 is imminent this year, and at least one of them will have a design on its camera that you could never have imagined.

As usual, the Asian firm is already a New generation compete between best on the marketAs it has almost become a tradition, which will replace the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro, some data has started leaking out about what can be found in each new one. And the truth is, everything is pointing really well.

Excellent quality screens

Two models, which are expected to be introduced in a short time, will be the most curious model when the other one goes on sale. Xiaomi 12 Ultra, 12S and 12 Pro. In other words, another one would kick in – the first took longer to arrive than originally assumed. The truth is, they seem like enough options to not be afraid of what any competing company, like Samsung or OPPO, is launching.

Xiaomi logo on smartphone


Some details were known from the last two, which are pretty self-explanatory, like what the screens would look like. OLED and it would have a frequency 120Hz. So whatever has to do with their quality they will be pretty good. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi 12S will feature a Full HD+ resolution panel, while the 12S Pro will boost performance to QHD+.

Another thing that is already taken for granted is that both terminals use the new processor. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+He stated that everything is close to being introduced and that everything will be launched by the new Samsung foldables. The truth is that Xiaomi seems to be involved for the lack of exclusivity. In the meantime, the more powerful model of the two may have a version with SoC. MediaTek Size 9000which makes sense because this manufacturer does things really well.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra’s surprise camera

This is the component that may have been the cause of the delay and that the company decided to commission along with the other two. The reason will not be the quality of the hardware in question, which of course will be quite high. Instead, it’s about device design for each of the sensors: in large quantities and in all sizes and shapes.

Rear view of Xiaomi 12 Ultra


As seen in the previous image, the arrangement of the elements has never been seen and this clearly shows that they will exist. hardware additions trying to offer the best quality while taking photos and recording videos… and surprises will not be missing. Some may be the use of a new system to improve images when zooming, or even the implementation of aids for the management of augmented reality. Everything is possible.

What is certain is that the rear that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will have, if the aforementioned are confirmed, worthy of a sci-fi movie. And the logical thing is to expect new and interesting functions. Will it be?

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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