In mid-January, Cupertino unexpectedly discovered the second generation of a large smart speaker homepod. Despite the fact that the first production began in the spring of 2021.

The gadget has several external differences from the defender, and according to a number of repeated discussions HomePod mini.

To the point: First reviews of HomePod 2 are out

Sales HomePod 2 from the USA and other countries will start February 3rdwhich means that in a couple of days the novelty can be bought in Russia.

Now let’s deal with all the deviations of the new gadget from its protector and miniature mini speaker.

Differences in filling and iron

The difference in installing a new column is strong. In some respects, it is similar to the miniature HomePod mini and surpasses its supporter in almost all.

● The gadget has lost a pair of high-frequency “tweeters” and bi-directional microphones. I doubt that this will negatively affect the quality of the reproduced sound, because a newer and more advanced chip is responsible for the output. Apple S7 instead of language Apple A8 at the defender.

● Improved the wireless module. In the new column, as in HomePod mini it is a standard module WiFi 5. Bigger and faster adapters were held back for pending updates. But the first generation of HomePod is equipped with a frankly old Wi-Fi 4 module.

1st generation column (left) and 2nd generation column (right)

● Among other equipment differences, the U1 chip is worth noting (as in the column). HomePod mini). In HomePod, he is responsible for the quick transfer of played music from the iPhone and back. However, it does not work in Russia yet.

● A more important upgrade for today’s speakers is tablet support. A thread And Matter. HomePod 2 (like HomePod mini) can act as a hub for a smart home based on HomeKit.

To the point: What is connected with the concept of smart home Matter and Thread. Apple has been implementing them in HomeKit for a long time

● Also, to expand the capabilities of a smart home, a temperature and influence sensor has been added to the column. By the way, the analog sensor was hidden in HomePod mini from the very beginning of speaker sales. And after the corresponding software update, it also became available for use in the application House.

● A little later in HomePod 2 And HomePod mini there will be a system for the appearance of sounds, which has been in iOS for several years. It is curious that the same possibility is in the presented new column from Sberbank.

To the point: I looked at Sber’s smart speakers, the big SberBoom and the little Mini. I didn’t expect this

● Small advantage HomePod 2 is the withdrawal of the presence of nutrition, which was not in any homepod first, generation HomePod mini.

● In addition, the touch surface of the new speaker has slightly changed, its entire area is illuminated, and the surface itself is slightly recessed into the body.

Differences in dimensions and weight are not critical. For a stationary gadget without parameters, it can be neglected.

Differences in audio signal technologies

The second generation of speakers is not much different from its protector. The only innovation required is an advanced real-time audio tuning system.

The speaker can adjust the direction of the sound and select the appropriate equalizer settings.

It is worth noting that the usual sound adjustment system exists not only in the presence of a generation. homepodbut also in miniature HomePod mini.

You should not expect other serious differences in the sound of the device from the generation of the generation.

At the same time, it should be remembered that only two female speakers will be able to combine into a stereo pair. Connecting the first and second generation HomePod for stereo playback will not work.

Prices and Availability

The first generation of speakers appeared back in 2018. Then the price tag of models in the USA $349. A year later, they dropped to $299. In the fall of 2020, the Cupertino team presented HomePod mini with a price tag $99.

The second generation of HomePod, as expected, will be sold in the US for $299.

Like the previous two Apple speakers, the new model will not be officially sold in Russia. In our reality, the price of a novelty will be from 30 000 rub. and higher.

At the same time, there are practically no significant differences from the conservative one. It is unlikely that anyone was waiting for such an update of the speakers to make it a hub for a smart home or did not purchase the first generation due to the missing temperature and influence sensor.

Those who wanted to have already acquired a HomePod column for a long time, and there is no point in changing it for a new product.

If you decide to buy a large smart speaker just now, and the price and limitations of a voice assistant Siri does not scare you, you can safely choose a new Apple column. Just wait until the price drops a little.

Source: Iphones RU

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