Members of the National AI Ethics Commission appealed to the Ministry of Education and Science with a request to regulate the use of artificial intelligence in the educational process. The commission sent a corresponding letter to the Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov, writes Vedomosti.

They ask the Ministry of Education and Science to regulate the use of AI in education

On the one hand, artificial intelligence can help students to perform routine tasks: design, formatting. In this case, the obligations of students will not be violated, the commission believes. At the same time, using AI in the learning process can lead to problems, since it is not always possible to assess the contribution of the learner himself.

The commission decided to contact the relevant department after the incident with Alexander Zhadan, a student at the Russian State Humanitarian University. The student presented his thesis, prepared with the OpenAi ChatGPT chatbot. AI generated 60 pages of text, and the student successfully completed the material and defended it. After the young man spoke about his experience on social networks, they began to demand that the RSUH invalidate Zhadan’s diploma.

The authors of the resource ask the Ministry of Education and Science to regulate the use of neural networks in the educational process.

“The use of such technologies may be appropriate and useful for mastering certain specialties and skills, and in some cases will not contradict the obligation of students to do the work on their own,” the members of the commission point out.

Last week, The Guardian described a use case for ChatGPT during a trial in Colombia. The decision generated controversy. In connection with the growing popularity of the OpenAi chatbot, European authorities are thinking of strengthening control over AI.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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