The Brave browser emerged in 2016 with a pay-to-surf-inspired business model. tenth, ads and website trackers are blocked automaticallyIt brings more security and transparency to its users.

If users choose to view primary ads, a type of promotion that continues to protect privacy, they will be rewarded for the ad revenue the browser will receive.

Faced with all these advantages, many doubts arose as to whether the software would revolutionize the web and the internet. In light of this, we have brought a complete article that answers these and other questions from Internet users. Check it out below!

What does the Brave browser do?

Like other browsers, Brave’s main function is to allow its users to access Internet sites for study, study and entertainment. The biggest difference between the software and other popular software like Chrome and Firefox is its focus on security and privacy.

One of its features is blocking intrusive ads and trackersfound on various websites. When these are encountered, the browser automatically blocks them, reducing site load time and providing smoother and faster browsing.

The software also protects its users against malware and phishing, common everyday threats aimed at damaging computers and stealing personal information from individuals, such as documents and credit card numbers.

Also, Brave Browser has created a reward system for users who want to see primary ads while browsing. “Payment” is also made from the cryptoactive BAT (Basic Attention Token) generated by the browser and deposited into Brave Wallet. According to the company, this is a way to deliver a fair share of the value the software itself receives through advertised ads.

Is it safe to use the Brave browser?

With all the tools mentioned above, It is possible to say that Brave is a secure browser.because it works against harmful advertisements, storage of users’ personal data, harmful threats and intruders.

Currently, the most popular browsers do not have these tools and yet they are used by billions of people every day.

So when it comes to security, Brave has its advantages over other software. In addition, the browser can be downloaded directly from its website and also ensures that no other malicious programs are deceptively downloaded to the computer.

Will the Brave browser revolutionize the internet?

(Brave Browser/Playback)

While Brave has innovative features, it currently attracts mainly users who have a certain concern about their online security and privacy.

In recent years, more and more people don’t want to be tracked online, a movement that fights against selling personal information for marketing companies to create offers and ads for those users.

in this way Brave must continue to grow in the coming yearsWith the arrival of more people who don’t want their online behavior exposed, it’s mainly in the public.

It’s also worth remembering that browsers like Chrome have billions of users around the world, and most of these people aren’t too keen on switching their browsers because of their habits of using the platform or the information already saved. such as bookmarks and passwords in software.

Which is better Chrome or Brave?

Both Chrome and Brave have very similar navigation tools, such as the possibility of saving pages to favorites, automatic password generators, anonymous page browsing and others.

Since this is Brave’s main focus, the main differences between them are in the safety of its users. Therefore, it is not possible to say which browser is better because it is a personal decision and includes various factors such as layout, speed and performance.

However, if you care about online security and don’t want your browsing data to be tracked, choosing Brave might be the most interesting option. However, if this is not a cause for concern, we recommend downloading both browsers to your computer to test and see the option that best suits your personal needs.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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