in an interview with Set OpenAI CTO Mira Murati issued a warning on the risks associated with the misuse of artificial intelligence on Sunday (5). The admin admits that the tool “could be used by bad actors,” citing its world-famous ChatGPT. urgent need for regulation.

“How do you manage the use of artificial intelligence in line with human values,” Murati said in an unusual statement to representatives of global companies, who often oppose regulatory interventions. The immense power of ChatGPT and its peers and its impact on society.

Aware that the company did not expect “this level of excitement when we give birth to our son,” which quickly reaches 100 million monthly active users, Murati recalls that despite the product’s global projection, the company continues to be a “small group”. people who need additional information that “goes beyond technologies”.

What is afraid of OpenAI?

As most of the world’s population already knows, ChatGPT is a “generative AI” that delivers instant answers, images and music in seconds from simple text prompts. However, just as someone might want a tip on how to make a “cat” for their neighbor’s Netflix, others too Investigate flaws in companies to launch a cyberattack.

To curb these risks, large AI users will need to resort to cloud resources, today it is in the hands of a small group of companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon.. In addition to the antitrust issues, Big Techs have multiplier power.

questioned by Set If it is too early to talk about the involvement of regulatory agencies, Murati is categorically: “it’s not too early. Given the impact these technologies will have, it’s really important that everyone starts getting involved.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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