Honoring its mission to be the internet choice of digital nomads, Starlink adds to its suite of services a (paid) tool that can make life easier for people who roam around the world but need to maintain a stable connection. You can now temporarily move the service to different locations for an additional $25 per month. provided it is in the same continent as its permanent address.

Naturally, it will be necessary to move the entire Starlink kit to its new location, which means having to take the dish and attachment hardware and mount it so that it is free from interference from trees. This may be easier for those with the new rectangular antenna. It weighs only 4.2 kg.

Does Starlink work well in all locations?

While Elon Musk reassures that “Starlink is great for caravans, camping or out-of-town activities,” the company’s support page explains that it’s a “best effort” port. This means that if you move the service to a new location, reception quality may degrade “especially during peak usage times or network congestion”.

Another thing to consider is the price, because with the last tariff change set by the company portability means a monthly cost of $135 (R$670).

This may seem expensive when you consider that you need to transport equipment and set it up in your trailer or destination with a wide view of the sky. However, in addition to unprecedented access, Starlink offers a very low energy consumption and a type of flexibility that no internet provider or mobile network can provide.

Source: Tec Mundo

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