Researchers at the Cornell Protocol have described a mechanism for relieving passive stress based on stroking. It works best on hairy areas, but it doesn’t need to be effectively covered and smooth. Experiments on volunteers proven by his honesty

The most common methods of stress relief have a fundamental common point – they force a person to contact a person. Meditate, use breathing exercises, exercise, etc. Which is very inconvenient if you are taking an exam or driving on a track. Therefore, in Europe, passive methods of stress relief have been identified that do not notice human oncopathology.

One of these ways is the fffftivny touch r. It can include hugs, pats on the shoulder, stroking the hand. The latter was implemented in the new gadget. On the pasture fixed on the forearm, a simple mechanism moved the barbel synthetic installations.

Practical experiments show that people hardly notice the operation of the device. But what is the level of x stress? The result of the gadget’s work is identical to the research laboratory, when the hands of the experimental subjects specifically stroke the strokes. Now work on a compact commercial VERSIE devices.

Source: Tech Cult

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