Be real, the app that appeared in the top downloads in various regions of the world during 2022, is in free fall. According to data from Online optimismits daily active users have plummeted significantly in recent months.

In July 2022, when BeReal was in full swing, it managed to reach 20 million daily users. However, during this month they barely managed to reach 10 million a day. What’s going on with BeReal? He just started to lose popularity.

For now, yes, BeReal is not yet in danger of extinction. 10 million daily active users is still an enviable number for many other social networks to launch. The problem, of course, will come if the figure continues to decrease over the months.

One of the biggest challenges new social platforms face is user retention. While some look for a different experience, most end up returning to regular networks when they get bored.

However, the case with BeReal is quite curious. The app was created with a goal that is completely opposite to that of Instagram, its main competitor. Instead of pretending to live without problems, BeReal wants you to share the current moment without hiding anything. From time to time, you should visit a notice that advises the right moment to make a capture. No time for publications or performances. What really happens to you is what you share.

Be realjust a passing fad?

Be real

The big question that remains up in the air is: Are users really motivated to share a part of their real life every day? It may seem attractive at first because it’s the novelty of social media, but every fashion has an end.

In October, BeReal’s managers downplayed the usage statistics. His goal, at least at the time, was to improve the product. “The mission of BeReal is to create the best product. That’s what’s important. Metrics, fundraising, rankings, rankings, etc. are not what we want to draw attention to ourselves, so we do not publish them yet. All the BeReal numbers on the internet are… estimates,” they commented.

Thus, BeReal claims a place in the ranking of the most downloaded applications. But daily active users is a whole different figure and this is where the app has failed to take off again.

BeReal will have to hit the accelerator to bring back the Internet. They received a $60 million investment last year to keep growing. Investors will, of course, want their money to pay off.

Source: Hiper Textual

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