Excited CEO, happy developers, gaping audiences and early adopters do import calculations. This situation is not uncommon, and those who have been following the tech world for a while can quickly recall some good examples of this. And when they reach the market, there are those who keep their promises and those who are disappointed!

This is a great place for those who want to remember the second group. Museum of Failure – or Museu do Fracasso, as highlighted by Mega Curioso. While the place is filled with a wide variety of items, including condiment flavors and limited soda for instant noodles, The highlight of the exhibition of this museum is electronic devices..

Promising technologies, disastrous results

Remember Google Glass? Google’s augmented reality glasses were announced with all the fanfare possible, including a live-streamed skydiving. There was a lot of promise of outstanding functionality, application integration… But you know, sometimes what was ahead of its time is way ahead. It didn’t stay on the market for long, wasn’t a commercial success, and buried the company’s strides in the AR gadget market, at least temporarily.

Because that’s just one of the Museum’s highlights, which includes video game consoles, cameras, and a few dozen inventions, including the Nintendo Power Glove, the ET game for Atari, and perhaps unfairly Nokia’s N-Gage mobile phone. Strange”.

This museum is touring and unfortunately has not yet arrived in Latin America. In any case, it is very important to distinguish museum “faults” from another category of hardware and software. steam goods. To learn more about this other type of content, check out our video below:

Source: Tec Mundo

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