As part of Google I / O 2022, representatives of Mountain View presented a lot novelties that are on the way to Workspace, a set of solutions for companies. At a time when remote work has become widespread and has already become a part of the daily lives of millions of people, it is imperative that a company like Google is ready to meet the needs of its professional users.

Google Workspace is designed to solve a situation that occurs daily in the work environment. The amount of information we manage on a daily basis is very large.; so much so that sometimes his control gets out of hand. This becomes even more difficult when we use multiple devices at the same time, such as a laptop and a smartphone.

“Information overload is not a new phenomenon, however, many clients say that hybrid work has increased the load on emails, chats and meetings in their organizations,” the company notes. To solve this Google Workspace will be powered by artificial intelligence so that users can focus on the really important information.

first next year Spaces will have automatic summaries. They will compile a compilation of the most important conversations that have taken place in your space, making it easier to get information without having to read the entire conversation. It is worth noting that the same proposal was recently integrated into Google Docs, and its results turned out to be positive.

On the other hand, now Google Meet will take automatic meeting transcripts. So if for some reason you weren’t able to attend the hangout, you can always refer to the transcript to see what was said. This feature will be available later this year.

Solving technical problems of video calls

One of the few downsides to video calls is that not all users have adequate cameras and microphones. This can lead, for example, to the fact that the conversation does not go smoothly. Those in charge of Google Worspace are aware of this and for this reason they are making efforts to “Improve the sharing of images, sound and content” thanks to machine learning.

“Portrait Restoration”, for example, aims to improve video quality and “reduce communication issues caused by poor lighting, a poor-quality webcam, or a poor network connection.” We also have “Portrait Light”, which aims to mimic studio lighting by adjusting the intensity and direction of the light. In both cases, all processing takes place in the Google Worspace cloud, so your computer will not interfere at all times.

As for the sound “De-reverb” will filter out the echo that occurs in rooms with reflective surfaces. Finally, “Live Sharing” will make meetings through Google Meet more interactive. How? YouTube videos or lists can be shared, and their playback controls can be shared by other members.

Google Workspace is safer than ever

Google Workspace

Residents of Mountain View specifically noted that Google Worspace’s security has been strengthened over time. “The Google Workspace architecture is based on a zero-trust approach and offers enterprise-grade access control, data protection, encryption, and security. end point integrated. After all, we at Google are responsible for the online safety of more people than anyone else in the world.”

Google claims that it is learning from all attempts to attack its platform in order to “identify new models and entry points.” Under this strategy, as they explain, they can anticipate and prevent future attacksas hackers become more and more resourceful.

“Recently, with the rise of remote collaboration from multiple locations, there has been a trend towards new attack patterns using shared documents.”

To further improve the security of Google Workspace, By the end of 2022, Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets will be protected from phishing and malware attacks.. “Whenever a user tries to open a document, spreadsheet, or slide containing phishing or malicious links, they are automatically alerted and redirected to security,” they add. The system, by the way, has been working in Gmail for a long time.

Source: Hiper Textual

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