With Windows 10 it is always possible to open a program in a minimized form. Some programs run smoothly in the background and you don’t need to see them appear on the screen, so you have to manually minimize them each time after launch.

No, this is not a big problem. But things like this can get tedious over time, so it’s good to know a solution is available. Also, executing the solution is so beeps that you actually have no reason not to do it.

Spend a few minutes doing a few things now so you don’t have to deal with programs that you need to shrink manually in the future.

Open Windows programs minimized

To ensure that a Windows 10 program always opens minimized, you need to set the shortcut for the software. After all, the program should ‘know’ what you want to do with it. Below are the steps you need to do.

  • click with you right mouse button on a program’s shortcut (on your desktop or in Explorer)
  • Press the suboption: Properties
  • If all goes well, you are already in the tab Shortcut; if not, click on
  • Title in this tab carry outthen a selection menu
  • Click the dropdown, where is it now normal window select status and scaled down
  • press now To apply and then OK to make changes

It is also possible to minimize programs from the Start menu. This works similarly. Note, however, that this will not work with software you downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

  • open it start menu and find the program you want to open minimized
  • Choose the program with you right mouse button and bass More > File location open
  • Find the program in the list and click with you right mouse button
  • choose Properties and go to tab Shortcut
  • Search links in overview carry out and press the menu on the left normal window
  • Now choose option scaled down
  • Print To apply and on OK

Of course we also take a look at the Taskbar. Because you may want to open the programs pinned to it in minified form.

  • Select the program icon you want to open minimized with your icon. right mouse button
  • busy with you right mouse button the name of the program (at the bottom of the options list)
  • choose Properties > Shortcut and then next to carry out click normal window and select the option scaled down from

It no longer matters from where you open a program; This program opens minimized every time it comes into question.

Source: Computer Totaal

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