Chinese regulatory bodies completely blocked Access to ChatGPT in the country. It seems that Chinese companies, universities and startups are working on domestic versions of AI bots.

The servers and main developers of the OpenAI tool are based in the USA. This is why ChatGPT is not officially available in China, but many users were able to circumvent restrictions through VPNs and other similar software.

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As reported by users, These apps and solutions have been completely removed from your accounts chat, one of the leading social networks in China. The same has happened with other software that provides access to ChatGPT.

Official government media outlets claimed that the tool poses a risk to national security as it acts as a platform to spread “false information”. However, WeChat owner Tencent and other tech companies have been sued to cut off access to any measures that would enable the use of the American AI bot.

Information control is extremely present in China, so services such as Twitter and YouTube are also blocked. Instead, Weibo platforms work instead of the blue bird network and bilibili serving as the main video network.

Source: Tec Mundo

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