Russian scientists have developed a device for monitoring blood glucose levels without pricking, the press service of the crowdfunding platform told RB.RU.

A clip for checking blood glucose levels without pricking has been developed in the Russian Federation

The author of the project, Vladimir Kozlovsky, graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Sechenov University and Skoltech. The AnnNIGM project is named after the founder’s sister, Anna, who was diagnosed with diabetes. The idea for the project was born when Kozlovsky decided to develop a practical device for his sister to control glucose levels.

A special glucometer is made in the form of a clip, which is attached to the earlobe and measures the sugar level without punctures. The development itself is already several years old, but now the company has launched the third crowdfunding on AnnNIGM 2, improving the initial version of the device.

The meter’s optical sensor uses infrared light to scan the tissue and measure the amount of glucose in the blood.

“We do not earn money from the sale of devices, but we allocate part of the funds for development and incidental expenses. Most of the money from crowdfunding sales goes into the production of a follow-up clip,” Kozlovsky said.

You can track your performance in a special mobile application. The clip itself connects to the smartphone via bluetooth.

Previously, RB.RU, together with, developed a map of the most promising areas in the field of domestic HealthTech.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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