When people do something that brings them closer to the goal, joy, happiness and pride rise. This could be a specific achievement at work (completion of a project) or communication with colleagues. Positive emotions make employees feel better, increase their productivity and keep them motivated and engaged. They can even lead a person to start doing their job better.

In addition, positive emotions improve teamwork, build trust and increase a sense of belonging. This is especially true when people are having fun at work.

According to psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, the pleasure and enjoyment of work broadens one’s horizons. They can also reduce stress, tension and reduce burnout.

A study by Tina Kiefer, Professor of Organizational Behavior (Warwick Business School, University of Warwick) found that people enjoy their work more when they work from home for part of the week and in the office for part of the week. But here everything depends on the person himself. It is much easier for someone to get into a state of flow (maximum concentration in the task) at home, and for someone – in the office or in a cafe.

Joy and fun can also be obtained from communicating with colleagues. Although this is more difficult to implement if you are working from home.

Some believe it will distract employees from doing their jobs as opposed to fun and joy. But in this case, it is important to understand that positive emotions make people more creative and motivated. And if you have work-related problems, try to discuss it with a colleague: even a short conversation can remind you that you’re part of a team and that fun is possible at work.

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