President of Colombia, Gustavo Petroand the president of El Salvador, Nayib BukeleThey exchanged various questions about the security of their country and their policies against violence.

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At first, Petro criticized mega prison A harsh strategy employed in El Salvador, where Bukele took hundreds of gang members. “You can see scary photos on the internet – I can’t go to other countries – from the El Salvador concentration camp“The Colombian president is full of thousands and thousands of young people imprisoned,” he said.

“I think there are people who undoubtedly like seeing young people in prisons and believe it’s a security and growing in popularity,” Petro said.

He also said that he finds these detention centers brutal and that the path his government wants to follow is education, creating colleges and universities.

President Bukele responded to Petro after hearing his counterpart’s criticism, telling him via Twitter that “results are more important than rhetoric”.

In his message, he also stated: “I hope Colombia succeeds in really lowering the murder rates as we Salvadorans have succeeded. May god protect you”.

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In fact, Bukele responded to criticism from the international community for his policies towards gang members and told them they would rather see El Salvador sinking into anxiety than peace, which is what he’s trying to do.

Petro also responded to Bukele’s intervention, this time showing some figures on what’s going on in Colombia in terms of murders.

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“In Bogotá in 1993, we went from 90 murders per 100,000 people to 13 murders per 100,000 people in 2022. We built universities, not prisons.said Peter.

The Colombian president also offered Bukele an international forum where they could share their experiences of security policy.

In this trill, Bukele answered and asked a few questions about the security figures he shared. “From 1993? You ruled for 30 years… 30 years? Bogota? Salvadoran, aren’t you president of Colombia?” asked.

He also took the opportunity to talk about his El Salvador experience: “Over 100 murders per 100,000 people, we’re in the single digits now. And the decrease was rapid, because the dead do not heal.

And Petro denied it: “I am sending you this information because you know. It seems to me that the experience of Bogotá, which we owe in the first place to Mayor Mockus, is worthy of international study”.

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Through a chart, Petro told Bukele that in 2020 the city of Bogota had its lowest murder rate since 1962 at 13.3 per 100,000 inhabitants.

After these numbers, Bukele got up early on March 2 to show the security results, although he did not directly mention Petro: We closed the first day of March 2023 with 0 murders nationwide. We have turned the most unsafe country in the world into the safest country in Latin America,” he said.

Prior to the discussions about prisons, Petro published a poll on their network by Costa Rican firm CID Gallup, with Bukele the leader with the highest positive opinion at 92 percent and seventh place at 57 percent. “Christ no! “I don’t think they will publish in these lands,” he said.

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Although Bukele took measures as controversial as the mega-prison and received a lot of criticism from international organizations, he made his anti-gang policy one of his flags and increased his popularity.

According to official figures, more than 64,000 people accused by the Salvadoran government of gang membership have been detained and more than 3,300 released under the state of emergency regime approved a year ago following the escalating murders.


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