beeline has transferred kitchen services and authentication information systems through Mobile ID.

Now all employees are authorized using this technology. Entry to corporate resources and information systems of the operator is now possible only with a Beeline SIM card. These patient authentication methods increase the level of connection security and the safety of confidential data.

From the beginning of 2023, you can enter the Beeline cooking system only through Mobile ID. This is convenient for the user, since there is no need to remember several login-password links, and most importantly, security. In the future, Mobile ID will allow us to significantly save on licenses from the supplier, a solution that was used previously.

In addition, we are working on introducing a mobile identity card into the system for issuing passes for office visitors and a number of other services, and we are accumulating intra-beeline experience in corporate authentication, which is offered as a product for visitors.

– Head of Beeline Identification Technology Sergey Babayan

For authorization, the user must enter a registered phone number or work email address. After that, a message will appear on the smartphone, and the employee will be able to access it.

Mobile ID is available to any Big Four subscriber. Beeline is actively implementing and integrating Mobile ID into various services. The company’s work in this recommendation was awarded the Runet Prize 2021 in the nomination Science, Technology and Innovation.

Advertising. The organizer and other details of the offer are on

Source: Iphones RU

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