Reima sold assets in Russia, Russian banks are launching corporate card transfers, Michelin found a buyer for a plant in Davydovo near Moscow and other events on March 7.

“Peace” for business, the demand for specialists from ChatGPT – the main thing on March 7


  • Russian banks will be able to launch transfers with Mir corporate cards from April 25. The possibility of this type of operation for companies disappeared after the departure of Visa and Mastercard. Now they send money for money orders.


  • Finnish children’s clothing manufacturer Reima has sold its assets in Russia. “Children’s World” became a co-owner of the company’s local business, Vedomosti found out.
  • Michelin, which was the first foreign tire company to locate production in the Russian Federation, has found a buyer for a plant that has been idle since the start of the crisis in Davydovo, Moscow region, Kommersant reported.

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  • The market for online cinema in Russia in 2022 reached 63.3 billion rubles, which is 5% more than in 2021. The market was affected by the growth in revenue at Kinopoisk by more than 70% and an increase in tariff plans for most video services, writes RBC.
  • Russian developers of engineering software (software) opposed the compulsory license of foreign analogues of their solutions.
  • The implementation of measures to support the export of Russian software may require about 465 million rubles a year, according to the draft roadmap of the association of domestic computer software developers Russoft, Vedomosti reported.
  • Over the past six months in Russia, the number of vacancies with the mention of Colorize has increased by almost 1.5 times, in the case of ChatGPT – 13 times in February.


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