Google Wallet, Android users Store credit, debit, loyalty and transportation cards in one place. With this tool it is now even possible to buy subway and train tickets in São Paulo without the need for cash or physical cards.

To use the digital wallet, you must have a smartphone with Android operating system and download the Google Pay application from the Google Play Store. You must also add a valid credit or debit card to be able to purchase transport tickets after installation.

Below, see how it’s possible to use your smartphone to take public transport in São Paulo from the very first step!

Tutorial on how to buy metro and train tickets in SP with google wallet

  • Open the Wallet app on Android and click “Add to Wallet”;
  • Then select “Public transport card”;
  • Next, choose the BEST option for São Paulo;
  • A page will open in the browser. In this step, choose the ticket type and quantity, then enter the mobile number and CPF to continue;
  • Next, log in with the same Google account linked to the Wallet app;
  • Confirm the access attempt;
  • Confirm the order summary and tap the Google Pay icon;
  • Next, select one of the cards saved in the wallet and confirm the transaction;
  • Tap “Add” to add the ticket to the wallet;
  • Ready! It is now possible to access the QR Code to free the entrance to the turnstiles.

In the case of train tickets, the process is the same!

(Source: Google/Disclosure)

It is worth noting that Google Wallet is a safe and practical tool for purchasing transportation tickets. It also allows the user to have more control over public transport and have a more comfortable experience.

Therefore, if you use public transport in São Paulo, Make sure you try Google Wallet and Enjoy the convenience it offers. Now take the opportunity to share the tutorial on social networks!

Source: Tec Mundo

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