During his participation in the Parliamentary Entrepreneurial Front (FPE) in Brasília, Labor Minister Luiz Marinho defended the registration of platform workers such as drivers. uber. And if the app doesn’t like editing, “Sorry.”

“I’m very sorry if Uber and other platforms don’t like a formalization process,” the minister said this Tuesday (7). Marinho believes it is necessary to define a framework for activity, but not as an imposition. He prefers a community discussion.

“There is a law in force in Brazil and we are all subject to it,” he added. However Luiz Marinho doesn’t think an arrangement will make Uber leave Brazilas it is an important market for the platform.

The minister said, “No one wants anyone to leave. On the contrary, what we want is social protection for these workers, recognition of the work. There must be rules and supervision so that the working hours are not too long.”

Neither Uber nor 99 advocates the mandatory hiring of drivers with CLTs. What the Minister wants is to express protections and “quality wages”, with respect to workers who do not want to have a formal affiliation.

According to Marino, Overtime hours facilitate the increase in the number of accidents, which increases the health costs of the state.. He listens to businessmen and workers to understand and formalize the situation.

The Minister of Labor said, “The ideal thing here is that the parties find an alternative, find a common point and the government is the mediator of this conversation. If there is no agreement, the government will obviously present its vision to the Parliament.” .

Source: Tec Mundo

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