Realme is trying to attract attention by investing in slightly different mobile phones. It seems that the Chinese company will now invest in a foldable smartphone after partnering with Coca-Cola. This was indicated by the tweet of Madhav Sheth, the company’s own vice president.

At this point in the championship, the folding cell phone format is nothing new, but it will be quite interesting to see the solution that a cost-effective company like Realme plans to bring to the segment. In her tweet, Sheth asks her followers what format they’d like to see: “What do you want now… #realmeFlip or #realmeFold?”

It is clear that the names refer to the possibility of folding the mobile phone. Based mainly on Samsung’s launches, it has become a tradition that Flip-style folding smartphones are those that have a horizontal connection that separates the device from the top and bottom – the format is very vertically unfolded and more square when folded.

Meanwhile, a Folding device is a device that folds like a laptop with a vertical hinge. This causes the device to become more square when unfolded and approach the shape of a tablet.

According to this GSMArenaThere have been rumors for years that Realme would want to make a foldable, and now that will be true. The question that remains is how long we will have to wait for a revelation. We also don’t know if Sheth’s tweet is really hoping to gather information from the public or if the decision has already been made and is just hoping to increase fan expectations.

Source: Tec Mundo

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