If you are a user of the operating system Windows 11You will definitely be pleased with the large number of customization options it offers. One of them allows you to put a different color on the taskbar located at the bottom of the desktop. If you do not know how to do this, we will show you step by step how to achieve it in a simple way using the options offered by Microsoft’s work.

The reasons that may lead you to do this can be both aesthetic and usefulness. In the first case, it would be to use a tone that is striking to you or that does not bother you when you see it (ideal is to reject anything too striking like yellow). On the other hand, if the chosen color is different one of the image you have inside study deskthis distinguishes the contents of the taskbar very well, which is quite useful.

This is how you will change the color of the Windows 11 taskbar

As you will see, the process is quite simple, as you just need to use the options offered by the Microsoft operating system. personalize the appearance of its interface (and they are not few, all that must be said). Without further ado, we give you a list of the steps you need to take to reach the goal we mentioned:

  • Access Windows 11 settings, to do this, look for the circular gear icon in the list of applications.
  • Now, in the window that appears, you need to click on Personalization in the left area and then do the same in Colors in the list on the right.
  • You will see a new list of options where you need to make sure you select Custom in Choose your mode and also choose dark in Choose default mode in Windows.
  • Now look at the bottom area of ​​the section called Show highlight color on Start and taskbar and enable the slider. When you click on the color you want to use from the options above, the time comes. You will see how change happens and you should leave the one who persuaded you.
  • Once that’s done, you’re done and personalized the look of Windows 11 a bit more.
Color options in the taskbar in Windows 11

Smart Life

Obviously, you can change the color used at any time and as you see fit. You can even make changes to the section you are accessing. acetates The operating system works together to make the effects exactly what you want to see. The fact is that when adapting Windows 11 it will not happen by chance.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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