Freedom Bank issued a statement that it does not provide remote card opening services to non-residents of Kazakhstan. Earlier, Tinkoff offered to open a Kazakh bank card in order to freely pay abroad.

Freedom Bank denied information about remote opening of cards for non-residents of Kazakhstan

Freedom Bank of Kazakhstan issued an official statement that the information spread about the possibility of remote opening of cards in a bank by non-residents of Kazakhstan is false.

“Services for the remote opening of bank cards are not provided to foreign citizens,” read a statement posted on the Freedom Bank website.

The bank clarified that it is possible to issue a digital card for non-residents of Kazakhstan only with the personal presence of the client at the bank branch. The delivery of bank cards is carried out only on the territory of Kazakhstan, emphasized by Freedom Bank.

Today, the Tinkoff bank, which fell under EU sanctions, began to inform premium clients about the possibility of obtaining a Mastercard card at the Kazakhstan branch of Freedom Bank. However, some users pointed out that technical support denied that the bank had such a service.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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