POI owners who work with Wildberries went to the main office of the market and threatened to close it from March 15.

The owners of the Wildberries collection point gathered at the market office in Moscow and threatened to close

The reason was the changes in the offer for the owners of the PVZ, which deprives them of the right to challenge the substitution of goods, wrote the Baza telegram channel, as well as new fines. So, if the customer for some reason issues a return, the point of issue will have to pay for the goods.

And on March 14, a clause on a fine of 100 thousand rubles was also added to the offer “in case the client (market) discloses the facts of distribution by the contractor (PVZ) of unreliable, false information, misleading, inciting information of illegal actions, dissemination of information that expresses a disrespectful and negative attitude towards the client.

Collection point owners, who were previously dissatisfied with the new rules, are threatening to close the points as of March 15. According to Life, 50 people came to the company’s Moscow office demanding the cancellation of the fines. According to the correspondent of the publication, the guards do not let them pass. Office security officials say management is working remotely.

The Telegram channel “Caution, Moscow” publishes a video of the scene, which shows that the policemen arrived at the office. It is reported that they were summoned by those gathered. They have prepared requirements and proposals for further cooperation, but so far they cannot transfer them to market representatives.

This is not the first time that Wildberries has faced problems in association with the owners of the collection point. The managers of the distribution points complained about the baselessness of the fines of the market in the fall of last year.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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