Apple, which has a number of advanced options and features, has no particular problems. One of these features is the magnifying glass mode.

To the point: How to Enable Screen Zoom Mode on iPhone

It allows you to use part of the screen or a selected area if necessary, and use the normal interface the rest of the time without zooming and zooming.

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How to activate Magnifier on Mac

1. Go to System Preferences – Accessibility – Zoom.

2. Choose the appropriate way to activate Magnifier.

It could be a keyboard shortcut Option (Alt) + Command + 8double-clicking is felt by tracking or zooming with page scrolling gestures (mouse wheel or swipe across the pad). magic mouse) with the modifier key pressed.


3. Specify the zoom style on the screen. There are three options to choose from:

In full screen. In this case, the zoom of the entire picture on the display and the part of the storage that is closed behind the display will be used.

split screen. In this case, the top of the screen will be highlighted under the magnifying glass. The remaining image will move slightly as the cursor moves.

Picture in picture. With this setting, a slight increase in growth is possible during time, which will imitate a magnifying glass, moving behind the cursor.

4. With button Choose Appearance/Size and Location you can specify an additional screen on which the picture will be enlarged (for the first magnification) or specify the size of the magnifier area (for the second and third persons).

For example, if an iPad is in Sidecar mode, you can extract a larger portion of the image on it.


5. Button Additionally allows you to install several advanced features of Magnifier.

6. A separate option allows you to display enlarged text on the element directed under the cursor when the button is pressed. Team.

With this useful option, Mac can read any text, small print in documents or websites.

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