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Nintendo Switch Pro is getting more real, and NVIDIA’s bug is to blame


console Nintendo has broken nearly every record the company has had in its 133-year history. The Nintendo Switch has sold millions of units since its launch in 2017, thanks to sagas like Zelda, Mario or Pokemon without going further.

But since it came out with a not too cutting edge processor, NVIDIA Tegra X1The most demanding gamers have been asking Nintendo to review a console with a more powerful SoC since day one.

Also, Rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro have resumedas an Nvidia employee seems to have confirmed the existence of a chip that will supposedly revive a Nintendo hybrid console.

This leak was posted to the r/GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit and seems to confirm that the new Tegra239 SoC is real. Evidence of the crime is an email from an NVIDIA employee. It must be assumed that the new Zelda should run Full HD and 60 FPS on this chip.

Rumors about the existence of Tegra239 have been circulating since last year. The infamous Twitter insider kopite7kimi reported on the chip in June 2021 when he suggested that the next generation Nintendo Switch would feature a custom Tegra234.

This is also consistent with information found in an NVIDIA leak from March of this year that mentions “NVN2”. (probably the successor to the Switch NVN graphics API), as well as specific mention of the T239 chip.


Nintendo Switch OLED analysis in 2022

Equal console but more powerful

There is no doubt that the Tegra X1 chip for the Nintendo Switch is legacy hardware. and certainly not the best option for ambitious titles like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 or the next Mario.

Reddit users agree that Tegra239 will have similar power to PS4.. It’s not the generational gap that many expected, but it’s enough to keep third-party developers and publishers releasing their games for Nintendo.

This suggests that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be a mid-gen upgrade and not a new console.. Perhaps Nintendo doesn’t want to end the sales streak of the company’s most successful console in two decades. Forget 4K, Satoru Iwata prefers Full HD.

Source: Computer Hoy

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