A hidden feature of the new version of Bing with ChatGPT, This artificial intelligence (AI) in the browser imitates celebrities such as actors Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks, singer Taylor Swift and billionaire Elon Musk, among others. discovered by feature BleepingComputerin early March.

Known as “celebrity mode”, Hidden tool in Microsoft’s browser It gives the user a chance to chat with a virtual version of a particular famous person. You can ask him questions about his life, career, hobbies, ideas and whatever else you want.

According to the publication, the chatbot imitates the chosen celebrity when responding, even quoting slang and slogans normally used by it. The results are often satisfactory, but the answers may not sound like the chosen personality in some cases.

Bing Chat impersonates actor Dwayne Johnson.

Besides real people, Bing ChatGPT celebrity mod it can also simulate a conversation with fictional characters from film, TV and literature. Batman, Harry Potter, Yoda, Darth Vader, Gandalf, Sherlock Holmes and Katniss Everdeen are some of them.


Bing’s new celebrity impersonation function can impersonate many celebrities, but there are some restrictions. If the user asks the AI ​​to speak as if it were a politician or a controversial figure, the technology will reply that it cannot perform such a task.

But the tool starts mimicking depending on how the question was asked by the user. In some simulations, he impersonated political rivals such as former US President Donald Trump and the country’s current president, Joe Biden.

To enable celebrity mode in Bing Chat, you need to ask the browser for incognito function using commands like “tell me about celebrity mode”. Then write the name of the famous person and ask the questions.

Source: Tec Mundo

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