Unlike battery-powered electrically heated insoles, their “relatives” manufactured by Solecooler (France) – Climfeet insoles – receive significant energy from their owner. their work is based on the principle of assembling a mixture of energy generated by walking.

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How it works: When stepping on the insole, the bubble capsules on the “cool” side are compressed and squeeze out the air in the chamber on the “warm” side, showing a slight heating effect at 4 ° C.

When the leg leaves the surface, the air returns to the chamber on the “cool” side, where it cools down by 5° to 3.C. It seems to the user that he feels only the temperature of the upper part of the insole, he can feel it in a ratio of .

Solecooler insoles

The structure of Climfeet is a combination of copper and silicone, providing flexibility and effective thermoregulation. Cells with air outside of their primary function increase cushioning and walking comfort.

At the same time, Solecooper emphasizes that the heating / cooling effect will be noticeable only in very cold or hot weather, and at moderate 20-30 ° C, the heat will be almost imperceptible.

The company hopes that their product is appreciated first of all by those who p p. No, firstly with these light Climfeet booties, but practical useless.

Source: Tech Cult

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