Until the end of 2023, 28% of Russian companies expect to lay off employees: almost half of them will definitely resort to this measure, the other part predicts that layoffs are likely to be inevitable. This is confirmed by a study by the recruitment company Get expert and the Russian School of Management, which was reviewed by Forbes.

Almost a third of Russian companies expect layoffs in 2023

Another 25% of employers reported that they most likely will not lay off specialists this year. And 12% of those polled said there would definitely be no cuts, with 27% even talking about plans to expand staff.

The employees themselves are also preparing for the upcoming layoffs: a quarter are actively looking for a job, and almost 60% more regularly browse websites with vacancies, fearing that mass layoffs will still begin at the company. And only 17% of specialists do not expect layoffs and do not get a new job.

According to analysts, despite possible cuts, employers are trying to keep key specialists. Employees are more often sent to advanced training courses, in addition, many managers prefer to develop their own professionals internally and are not ready to part with really talented employees.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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