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1. Bitcoin has a 9-month high with bank instability. Appreciation was 40% since the crisis, which resulted in the closure of two US banks and the financial bailout of Credit Suisse.

2. Amazon announced that it will cut 9,000 more jobs to cut costs. With the new layoffs, Amazon is reaching at least 27,000 people laid off in 2023.

3. 99Food leaves Brazil in April; iFood should increase its dominance in the country. The company says it should now focus on the services offered by motorcycles like the 99Moto and 99Entrega Moto in delivery.

4. Samsung is launching new 4K OLED TVs with screen sizes up to 77 inches. Samsung TV series S90C and S95C have Neural Quantum processor and frequency up to 144 Hz.

5. ChatGPT competitor wants to integrate streaming and even payments into one app. One of South Korea’s biggest mobile operators is testing an AI-powered chatbot that could become a ‘super app’.

6. Elon Musk says Twitter will open the source this month, but not all. Twitter’s new owner and CEO, Elon Musk, said the social network will open a portion of its source code in hopes of fixing the issues.

7. The Last of Us: the actress is commenting on when season 2 will start. Bella Ramsey, Ellie talked about recording dates and when she believes new episodes will be out in an interview; Check out!

8. Images from 30 years ago reveal volcanic activity on Venus. Examining the images produced by the Magellan probe, scientists observed structural changes on Venus that point to volcanic activity on the planet.

9. ID 2all: Volkswagen presents the popular ‘cheap’ electric car. Volkswagen introduced the identity. 2all is the new electric car developed to offer a cheaper option to the average consumer living in Europe.

10. Why do some animals like to be petted? Find out why animals love to be loved so much and how it can be beneficial for humans.

Source: Tec Mundo

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